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Meet Our Programs Assistant, Maegan!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Meet Sutro Stewards' newest team member, Maegan Tell, Programs Assistant! We are excited to have Maegan on board to share her enthusiasm for recreation and stewardship and apply her experience working on environmental projects in our region. Read about Maegan below and help welcome her at the next stewardship event!

Welcome to Sutro Stewards! Can you tell us a little about your background - where are you from and what got you interested in your line of work?

I am originally from Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco to finish my undergraduate degree. My interest in the environment and building stewardship among communities began while I was interning at the EcoCenter. They sparked my passion for environmental justice, habitat restoration, and access to outdoor recreation in a densely populated city. Since then I have worked in many different organizations that focus on connecting individuals and groups with nature.

How did you hear about Mount Sutro and Sutro Stewards?

I first heard about Mount Sutro when I was working for the Urban Trails division at San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. One of my assignments was to walk the Bay Ridge Trail. On my walk, I was amazed how there are multiple trails that connect to provide citizens with a long hike throughout the city. I absolutely love how Mount Sutro helps connect open spaces throughout the city, providing a quiet and beautiful oasis within a crazy city.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role as Programs Assistant?

In my new role as Programs Assistant, I am looking forward to providing an enriching experience for community members while exploring more of Mount Sutro.

Do you have a favorite trail on Mount Sutro?

My favorite trail on Mount Sutro is the Fairy Gates trail.

Aside from Mount Sutro (of course!) where is your favorite place to hike?

For a quick escape Glen Canyon is one of my favorite places to go. In the middle of the city, it offers a quiet and luscious get away. Glen Canyon is also the beginning of a bigger trail, Creeks to Peaks, that connects the open spaces of San Francisco allowing a longer hike within the city. Another favorite spot of mine is San Bruno Mountain a beautiful mountain with a variety of habitats.

What other outdoor activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy walking around and exploring San Francisco, each walk I find new views, parks, and artwork. I also enjoy rock climbing and have been climbing indoors, hopefully in the near future I can climb outside for the first time.

Do you garden at home? What's your favorite plant?

I have a few house plants around my apartment. I just moved into a new house and need to begin a garden on my patio. I am excited to get some vegetables and pollinator friendly plants! My favorite California native plant is Silver Lupine. It is currently the background on my laptop, the purple flowers and silver leaves are beautiful and provide an easy target for Mission Blue Butterflies to lay their eggs.

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