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Vote for a Safe Trail Crossing April 1-14

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Sutro Stewards applied for District 7 Participatory Budget funds for a crosswalk on Clarendon Ave where the Bay Area Ridge Trail crosses from the Clarendon Trail on Mount Sutro to the Interior Greenbelt towards Twin Peaks. Mid- to late- March, District 7 residents can vote for the crosswalk to improve pedestrian safety around Mount Sutro. Voting is open April 1-14. Help us get the word out; the project needs votes to get approved!

Clarendon Crosswalk: Safe Access for Recreational Users, Neighbors & Walkers

Vote for a crosswalk on Clarendon Ave at Dellbrook Ave for safe pedestrian access to open spaces that provide invaluable recreational opportunities for residents throughout the City to exercise and experience nature without leaving town. This crosswalk will aid neighbors and hikers at an important junction for citywide trails including Bay Area Ridge Trail and Crosstown Trail routes, creating access between four miles of trails on Mount Sutro and trails to Twin Peaks and beyond. Pedestrian safety for neighbors, families, hikers, and cyclists will improve from a crosswalk with bold striping and pedestrian-activated flashing lights, and other features for pedestrian safety (no stop sign/speed bumps).