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Giving Thanks on Giving Tuesday

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When we give thanks, we are also opening ourselves up to receive. Gratitude can be found in the way the morning sun filters through dust spiraling in the air over the deep green of the ceanothus bush on the Summit of Mount Sutro. Thank you Sun. Or it can be found in how birds come alive in song at dawn. Thank you black phoebes, hummingbirds, song sparrows, chestnut-backed chickadees and so many more. Giving thanks for these subtle observations, prepares us to receive them more deeply next time, which is a simple kind of happiness.

Giving Tuesday following black Friday and cyber Monday, encourages giving to your favorite causes that create the world you’d like to live in (like Sutro Stewards - hint, hint ;) as an alternative to consumer culture. Giving thanks in a time of loss, can seem counterintuitive. As 2020 comes to a close and we reflect on this unprecedented year, it is safe to assume that most of us have experienced loss, whether it was the tragic loss of a loved one from COVID-19, or simply the loss of a treasured morning coffee routine at our favorite cafe. Expressing gratitude and offering gifts is actually a healthy way of coping with loss and increases our happiness (1). As the natural cycles that govern our planet show us, it all comes back around. Please give to Sutro Stewards today.

So, while the Coronavirus has drastically changed our operations here on Mount Sutro, the work has continued. We are daily reminded of its importance, not only by the song birds that feast on the dried seed heads of the yarrow, gumplant and phacelia that blanket the Summit in late fall, but also by the families who escape the doldrums of zoom meetings and zoom lessons and walk up the Stanyan street steps to experience that sense of smallness under the canopy of our centurion forest. The bikers who pant up Clarendon drive and enter the Mountain at the soon-to-be planted Clarendon Trailhead, remind us of the importance of maintaining these trails for people and animals to enjoy. So, even under coronavirus restrictions, we are out on the Mountain 2-3 days/week with volunteers, weeding, planting, shoveling, expanding habitat and building trails.

Please show your gratitude by giving this Tuesday to Sutro Stewards so we can continue giving thanks to you, by doing the work that we all believe in. With your donation, you will see the Clarendon Trail and Trailhead fill out with native plants grown in our Nursery, an interpretive sign installed and our raingarden expanded. You’ll notice the habitat at the summit of the Mountain expand and connect down towards the Northridge trail, and you’ll have opportunities to give thanks to this Mountain by joining us to put these plants in yourself. Thanks giving and receiving is a renewable resource that expands on itself. Thank you for your donation. We will thank you by putting it to good work on the Mountain!


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