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By: Jessie Liang

Name: Matoke, aka Matooke, Ekitootye ( Southwestern Uganda) Ebitoke (Northwestern Tanzania)

  • Originated from Uganda (Eastern part of Africa)

  • This is a type of banana tree!

  • How do you plant Matoke?

    • Dig a hole around 60cm deep

    • Half fill the hole with half of the rotted manure

    • Put the plant inside

    • Cover it! And you are all set!

      • Remember, if you want to plant multiple Matoke you will need to range from 2.4 m to 4.5 m between the holes

      • No need for much water

  • This is edible!

    • Both leaves and fruit

      • Dishes such as…

        • rib-sticking plantain stew (Ugandan national dish)

        • Mashed Matoke

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