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Nature in my Neighborhood

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Through our new virtual programming series, Nature in your Neighborhood, we challenged volunteers to go out into their neighborhoods or backyards to see what plants sparked their interest. Whether plants are native or non native, we can all appreciate a connection to nature and the curiosity that it can spark!

By: Naleo Kelley

This is a Calliandra, it is native to Brazil and a lot of tropical places in America including Hawaii. It is well suited in heat, and it can be known as Puffpowdered plant. Did you know that the Calliandra is in the pea family? 

This is a Crape Myrtle plant. And it is not native to America, it is native to parts of Oceania, and mostly in places in Asia and Europe. It can be as little as 1 ft in height and be as big as 100ft! Their shade can vary, it can be pink, white, purple, or red.

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