Intern Profile: Aaron Lam

November 2, 2018

Aaron Lam, Nursery Intern


My name is Aaron Lam and I am the Fall Plant Nursery Intern for Sutro Stewards. I am
currently a senior at San Francisco State University, working towards a B.A. in
Geography. My interest of study includes climatology, bioclimatology, biogeography,
and field methods in physical geography.


Aaron collecting seeds at San Pedro Valley Park for future propagation


My interest in the natural world stems from my father taking me on walks and hikes
around the Bay Area when I was in high school. I was enamored by the beauty of the
natural environment, although I never really was interested in studying it. Instead, I
wanted to join the military when I got out of high school, but my parents disapproved of
it. So, I enrolled to SFSU as a pre-nursing major, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t
what I wanted to study; however, I was at lost with what to study. I took a geography
class called, “The Human Environment,” and it blew my mind. I learned about not only
how humans have altered the environment, but the various worldviews that drove this
alteration. And the instructor asked us to imagine a better future fueled by an
environmental-conscious worldview. It was then that I decided to study geography in
hopes of contributing to a better future.

As I studied various aspects of geography, I noticed that plants played a major role in
various environments. Many of friends and peers had some knowledge about plants,
but I didn’t have much knowledge. I wanted to improve my knowledge of plants, as well
as wanting to help preserve the local environment. Sutro Stewards seems to be a
perfect place for me to pursue these goals. As an intern, I learned how to identify
several native plants species, potting plants, logging plants for record-keeping, and
cleaning and collecting seeds. I hope to continue to learn more and be knowledgeable
about native and non-native plant species throughout my time here.


Aaron tending to the demonstration garden beds at the nursery


I will graduate from SFSU by the end of this year, and I am excited about possible
opportunities that are ahead of me. Although I’m not exactly sure of what I want to do in
the future, I hope to work outdoors, studying the climate or environment of California (or
the Pacific Region) or doing some field work. I also plan to go to graduate school to
further study my interests, and hopefully I can participate in a scientific study.

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