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Our mission is to  build community, connect people with nature, and protect and enhance Mt. Sutro, one of the city’s wildest and most beautiful green spaces.

Our vision is a wild and thriving Mount Sutro that offers adventure and respite to the people of San Francisco. We envision the open space as a treasured place where well-maintained trails, expanses of restored locally native plant communities and a healthy and diverse forest support flourishing wildlife habitat and foster deep connections to nature.

Joining the Sutro Stewards Advisory Board will give you the opportunity to engage in having a positive impact in your community, take action for the environment at a local level, and learn more about nature.  We are a fun and dedicated group of individuals passionate about ensuring Mt. Sutro is a thriving green space for all to enjoy. You can read more about our current Board members below.

Joining the Board at this moment in our organization’s history would position you to make great impact at a time of both uncertainty and potential. Sutro Stewards is poised for growth, including a promising proposal to launch a Health in Nature program in partnership with UCSF; and dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus on our programs.   Board members will have input into new strategic and conservation plans that are in development.  It is a moment for creativity and determination. These are exciting times!

We've identified the following priorities as we seek new Board members: 

  • Perspectives -- Individuals who reside or work in San Francisco and are interested in both conserving natural spaces and making those spaces accessible. We are also seeking a diverse array of perspectives including people of color; LGBTQ people; and people with a physical disability. 

  • Knowledge --  finance, conservation, land use management, trail building, native plants, natural areas/biodiversity, environmental education

  • Skills -- Engaging underserved communities, managing volunteers, strong interpersonal skills, fundraising

  • Commitment -- Our valued Board members contribute time and expertise to ensure Mt. Sutro continues to be a welcoming and wild green space. In addition to regular board meetings, board members are encouraged to participate in our conservation and/or trail management efforts on Mt. Sutro.

We cannot wait for you to join us in taking effective action to have a positive impact on our community! Interested? Please fill out the questionnaire with the button below!

Join us!

Steve is a native San Franciscan, raised in the shadow of Mt. Davidson, site of many childhood adventures, and where he gained an appreciation for open spaces in the city. He worked as director of UCSF’s Outdoors Unlimited, a cooperative outdoor adventure program that served both the campus and the community for 29 years. He has lived a block from Mt. Sutro’s Stanyan Street trailhead for 35 years, and reaped the fruits of Sutro Stewards' labor to open the mountain’s unique and rare nature to the people of San Francisco.  

Advisory Board Chair

Steve Leonoudakis

I first discovered Mount Sutro years ago, seeking running trails. Every time I went into the Reserve a different section of the trail had been improved or maintained. I wanted to be part of the crew and community that did that trail work, making the reserve an accessible and enjoyable resource for current and future generations.

After volunteering regularly for years, I took the crew leader training and that’s opened up a new opportunity for me. I enjoy continuing to learn more about the history of the hill and the flora and fauna, and the efforts to address loss of biodiversity to invasive weeds and monoculture. I look forward to playing a role in how the open space continues to develop.

Advisory Board Treasurer

Mike Grade

I’m a California native and a former pediatric nurse practitioner, now retired. I obtained my undergraduate degree from SFSU and my masters from UCSF. I was the charge nurse on the kidney transplant unit in 1989 at UCSF when the earthquake hit. The rocking and the rolling of the building was unforgettable! I’m married and I love to bird watch and garden in my free time. I have lived in the Inner Sunset of San Francisco for over four decades. I am devoted to habitat restoration in order to foster biodiversity. Thanks to the education that I am receiving as a volunteer for the Sutro Stewards' Native Plant Nursery, I see the tapestry of vegetation with greater detail than before.

Advisory Board Secretary

Maryann Rainey

Pursuing her career as an Environmental Consultant, Becca moved to San Francisco 3 years ago. Becca has since decided to leave the private sector to spend her time investing in our community. Now she shares her extensive knowledge and love of nature volunteering for the Mt. Sutro Stewards and the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Becca also serves on the Board of Directors for the Junior League of San Francisco. Here, she helps support many of the Junior League’s community partners, such as the Institute on Aging, SMART, Breakthrough SF and Safe and Sound (formerly, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center). 

Advisory Board Member

Becca Berry

I have lived in San Francisco for over 35 years, with 26 years in Midtown Terrace just across the way from Mt. Sutro. Much of my career was spent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an Environmental Specialist. During that time I worked with Native American tribes to protect water quality and natural habitat on reservations by providing federal funding and technical assistance. Working with the tribes made me aware of how much we need to protect our natural resources including native plant habitats that help to sustain wildlife and prevent nonpoint source pollution. I discovered Mt. Sutro on a walk one day in 2015 after retiring from the EPA, and began volunteering soon after. The peaceful trails and native flora are like an oasis in the middle of the city for me.  As a Sutro Stewards volunteer and crew leader – and now Advisory Board member – I am happy to ensure its care for future generations to enjoy.

Advisory Board Member

Janis Gomes

Following seven years of service in Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer and administrator, Bob returned to San Francisco and taught ESL at City College of San Francisco. Presently, Bob serves on the board of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, leads hikes, and  performs citizen-science surveys for Pt. Reyes National Seashore and Beach Watch.

Advisory Board Member

Bob Siegel

Kevin is a Bay Area native and 30-year resident of San Francisco, where he lives with his wife and raised his two daughters.  He regularly hikes, bikes, and runs the streets of San Francisco, and particularly loves the urban oasis that is Mt. Sutro Reserve. Having enjoyed the reserve for many years, Kevin is happy to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the trails as a trail crew volunteer and to the leadership of the Sutro Stewards organization as a member of the Advisory Board.  In his professional life, Kevin is a public agency lawyer, representing cities and other local agencies regarding land use, environmental, tax, elections, contract, condemnation, and other areas of municipal law.  

Advisory Board Member

Kevin Siegel

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