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Sutro Native Plant Nursery

Volunteer at the Mount Sutro Native Plant Nursery in San Francsico with Sutro Stewards
Volunteer at the Mount Sutro Native Plant Nursery and propgate plants with Sutro Stewards
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Sutro Native Plant Nursery

The Mount Sutro Native Plant Nursery has been operating since 2013. The nursery works in conjunction with the conservation program to conserve the unique plant species of Mount Sutro and grows additional species for habitat restoration on Mount Sutro to provide wildlife habitat and forage. The nursery propagates California native plant species sourced locally within the city of San Francisco. The plants are grown to be planted in conservation sites throughout the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. Extra plants are available for sale (see below) to the public for habitat gardens. Currently, the nursery grows over 180 different species, and houses over 6,000 plants in total. The nursery also has a large demonstration garden to showcase native plants.

Volunteer at the Nursery

The nursery is staffed primarily by volunteers, directed by the Nursery Manager, who work on projects including seed cleaning, pre-germination treatments, propagation, up-potting, as well as weeding, pruning, mixing potting soil, and all other maintenance tasks.


Join us for a volunteer project every Wednesday from 9:30 am-11:30 am! Tools and gloves are provided. Mask required! Please bring a reusable water bottle and wear closed-toe shoes and long pants/sleeves. 

Mount Sutro Native Plant Nursery is located at 476 Johnstone Drive, San Francisco, CA 94131 at the intersection of Behr Ave and Nike Road. Very limited parking is available in spots directly above the nursery marked "Aldea Center Parking Only."

View the Events Calendar & sign up to volunteer

Plants for Sale

Help support us by purchasing native plants from the nursery for your backyard and creating your own habitat!

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