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Webinar: Sutro Stewards with Paul & Edith Bourbin, and Kelly Dodge

Webinar: Sutro Stewards with Paul & Edith Bourbin, and Kelly Dodge

Join Sutro Stewards to learn more about native plants, urban restoration, and how you can craft your own habitat. California is home to over 6,000 native plants and many of those species are only found in our state. But with urban development, we have lost and are still losing valuable habitat where many of these plants are found. You can do your part in fighting this biodiversity crisis by creating a native habitat in your backyard, even in a major city! We’ll tell you about our favorite native plants, the wildlife they support, and why natives are the best option for your next gardening projects. You’ll also hear from two of our long-time volunteers about how they’ve incorporated native plants into their San Francisco backyards. We hope to inspire you to conserve native plants and give you the tools to do so. Intro Welcome Introductions Land acknowledgement Sutro Stewards Organization Background Who is Sutro Stewards?. Mount Sutro Our mission Volunteers are the heart of our work Our programs Trails Nursery Conservation Health in Nature What are the differences between plants? What are all the types of plants we see in nurseries, our backyards, in parks or open spaces Ornamentals Invasives and “weeds” Native Plants Why Go Native User Friendly Water & drought Soil adaptations Low maintenance Benefits to Nature Climate change Biodiversity crisis Health Benefits Edibility and herbalism Local beauty Where to Start? 3 ways to grow plants Look at your sun conditions What kind of soil do you have What kind of life do you want to support Shrubs/trees Herbs Flowers Grasses Creating Plant Lists Online resources to create plant lists Calscape Calflora- Living proof of living with natives Bourbins- sharing the story of their backyard! Support native plants in nurseries More ways to get involved Homegrown national park Come volunteer with us!


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