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Sutro Stewards work to conserve habitat through ecological restoration and native plant propagation while providing recreational opportunities in the UCSF Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. Mount Sutro Open Space, located in the geographic center of San Francisco, was overlooked by surrounding communities for more than a century. In the last decade, the true value of the open space was revealed through the Sutro Stewards’ creation of multi-use trails, allowing the public to explore this exceptional place. 

Since 2006, we have mobilized volunteers to build and maintain trails, remove invasive species, and grow and install native plants. We are the largest organized independent volunteer pool in San Francisco, engaging over 1,000 volunteers each year and hosting six or more events each month. We work with city agencies and land managers to continue to expand the network of connectivity between San Francisco open spaces and engage the community in the planning of improvements and long-term stewardship of each project.

Donate to Sutro Stewards - support volunteer stewardship efforts

Support Our Ongoing Programs

Donate to Sutro Stewards and help improve Mount Sutro's trails and habitat!
Your generous support will help:
  • Support our mission of conservation through hands-on stewardship and environmental education
  • Maintain Mount Sutro's 4.5-mile recreational trail system and habitat restoration sites
  • Increase biodiversity and expand wildlife habitat
  • Uncover and restore Woodland Canyon Creek on Mount Sutro
  • Supply tools and materials for our nursery, trails, and habitat programs
  • Offer student internships and youth education
  • Support our vision for connectivity between adjacent open spaces

Please use the above button to donate electronically to Sutro Stewards. Please make checks payable to our fiscal sponsor, “San Francisco Parks Alliance”, as well as write "Sutro Stewards" in the Memo section of your check. You can then mail it to the address below:


San Francisco Parks Alliance

Attn: Park Partners Program/Sutro Stewards

1074 Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

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