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Letter from the Director: Change of Season & Hats


Later this month Spring will meld into Summer as we celebrate the Summer Solstice on June 21st. This has truly been a season of change as San Francisco has moved from historic drought into record-breaking amounts of rain. Our forest understory has been revived and the dense growth is apparent to all who use our trail system. Yes, once again the blackberry is 12 to 15 feet deep, just like the old days!

Bob Siegel of Bay Area Ridge Trail, Amy Kaeser, Craig Dawson, Supervisor Norman Yee at Clarendon Trailhead.

Unlike the weather, running a program like the Sutro Stewards is far more predictable. We can chart our course, make adjustments as needed, and continue to make positive impact while following our mission. As the Executive Director it was my job to make those decisions, assess recommendations from our advisors and staff, and most importantly set goals for the program that may have been years out, but achievable. My primary goal, that we have worked collectively toward over the last seven years, was to ensure sustainability for our program. The Sutro Stewards is now in its 11th year and we have achieved a successful level of sustainability, passed many milestones, and gained recognition far beyond the mountain itself. I take great pride in the quality and character of our crew leaders and volunteers and in the professionalism of our staff. Dan Bernards and Ben Pease overseeing our Trails Program, Liza Kachko managing the Sutro Nursery, and Amy Kaeser our Conservation Manager who also attends to many other aspects of the program, are all key to my next statement.

I set a goal for myself seven years ago. It was to guide the program to a level of sustainability that would ensure its continued success at fulfilling its mission, without my direction. As this fiscal year ends, I am confident to state that we have achieved the goal of becoming a sustainable environmental non-profit program. We are multifaceted and continuing to grow in strength and experience. I am both pleased and satisfied with where we are today and in all that we have accomplished.

With confidence I wish to announce a transition taking place within the Sutro Stewards at the end of June. It is with great pleasure that I will pass the Executive Director hat to Amy Kaeser who has proven to have all the skill, education, and most importantly, passion, to lead and advance the Sutro Stewards program. In July Amy will have the opportunity to establish her goals for the program, including those that may be a few years out, but achievable. And I, like many of you, will be there to support her, to further the mission of the Sutro Stewards far into the future.

Craig Dawson

Executive Director

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