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Trail Run Through Mount Sutro to Twin Peaks

Trail Run Through Mount Sutro to Twin Peaks

Distance: ~3.2 to 4.5 miles depending on route

Elevation gain: ~500’

Route overview: Edgewood > Historic > Gardeners > Meadow > East Ridge > Twin Peaks > Fairy Gates > Historic

Start at Edgewood Trailhead

Enter Mount Sutro Open Space via the Interior Greenbelt at the Edgewood Trailhead at the south end of Edgewood Ave. Enjoying the peace of Woodland Canyon, the birds chirping, and the flowering plum trees in spring.

In a little under a quarter mile, the intersection with the Historic Trail is great spot to take in the view down the canyon and be grateful for the habitat crew’s work in this center of the watershed. During spring and summer, you’ll see the lush green of cow parsnip, red elderberry, pink flowering currant, elk clover, fringecup, Douglas iris, ferns, and many more native plants.

Right on Historic Trail

From the intersection, take a right up the Historic Trail (part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail route through San Francisco!) and shortly after cross Medical Center Way to continue the long swoop of trail up and around the mountain. It’s a steady but gradual climb with views through the eucalyptus of Golden Gate Park, the Sunset & Richmond neighborhoods, the Marin Headlands, and occasional peek-a-boo views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Historic Trail was named such because it is a restored historic trail route from the early 1900s or prior. On the downhill side of the trail, there are 100-year-old drywalls! In early morning, enjoy the glow of the sun pouring through the trees from the east, or in the evening the warm sunset light pouring through the eucalyptus from the west over the Pacific Ocean.

Left on South Ridge & Gardeners Trail

The Historic Trail will come to a multi-spoke junction on the south side of the mountain after about three-quarters of a mile from Woodland Canyon. From this junction, take a left up the South Ridge Trail and then an immediate left again onto the Gardeners Trail. This is a special treat doubling back above Historic Trail and is narrow and rocky, so watch your step!