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Camp Parks Base Reserve Observations

I have been working on my project which focuses on the landscape changes within Camp Parks Reserves Base from January 2022 to March 2022. There is a massive expanse of terrain that is bordered off from civilian activity so it seemed interesting to see how the natural landscape is affected by current climate issues.

So far, I have noticed a lot of differences between how Golden Gate Park looks (since it is maintained constantly by the city) and Camp Park Reserve Base in Dublin, CA (since it is untouched by any maintenance). The wildlife seems to be more active as well as the floral activity around the area is more unique as well as more rampant. The off-season at the beginning of this year during the end of the winter season showed a wide range of dead brushes or floral activity that had yet to come back from the winter season.

Throughout the semester once the spring season began, more floral activity and pollinators were able to be observed, as well as a wider range of trees and brush activity seemed to come back. The wildlife such as wolves, coyotes, squirrels, snakes, etc. all seemed to be more active and shied away from any activity that we had when conducting our field training exercises in the reserve. It was interesting to see how vastly different a few months in between could do in one area of California. I wonder how vastly different the environment would have been in the Bay Area of California if there weren't so many cities located in this vicinity.

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