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Fan Aloe

INTRODUCTION Kumara plicatilis (Fan Aloe), previously known as Aloe plicatilis, is one of only 2 species in the genus Kumara. This succulent is endemic only to a few mountains in the Western Cape in SouthAfrica. FanAloemaygrowupto5metershighandfeaturethelong,finger-likeleaves seen in the photo until they produce pink orange flowers at the end of winter.

FACTS TO NOTE Fan Aloe has a corky, fire resistant bark. From this trunk, branches fork into pairs without a central leader. This branch pattern is known as “dichotomous”. As a slow grower, this plant is forgiving and as easily maintained as any succulent in well draining, sandy soils similar to its mountain origins. Fan Aloe’s growing pattern along with other unique qualities have led to its classification being split from the Aloe family. These qualities may be a result of its very limited natural distribution. It should be noted that Fan Aloe is not considered threatened in any way regardless of its low distribution activity.

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