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The Field Bindweed

By: Graham MacWilliams

Whenever we walk in nature, we are hearing what nature is telling us. Whether it is the sound in the trees, the wind in the grass, or a single field bindweed, nature is telling us what is incomprehensible in our boxes of preconceived ideas. Whether it is a dream we had, a thought 7pm yesterday, or a feeling in the moment, we do not exist in isolation. The interdependency between us and all living things is spoken and qualified by listening to nature. Sometimes interpreting this message is difficult, as on a windy day or a cloudy stream. Other times, the voice of nature speaks clearly. Be still when things start moving. Be slow when things are fast. Be silent when things are loud. When you have felt the satisfaction and repose of purposeful action by doing nothing, then you are really still. When you can sit without the desire to do something but instead the intention to listen, you are slowing down. When people around you coarsely speak and you hold your tongue, then you are growing silent. In sitting we are in motion, and changing, and calming the surface. When we listen to outermost nature, we may listen to ourselves.

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