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Stewardship, Service, Community: San Francisco Rotary Club continues support for Mount Sutro and Rot

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Back on September 7, the Rotary Club of San Francisco joined Sutro Stewards for a volunteer workday. Rotarians pulled invasive weeds and blackberries and added mulch to help maintain and beautify Rotary Meadow on the summit of Mount Sutro.

The Rotary Club of San Francisco has been a long-time supporter of UCSF Mount Sutro Open Space and Sutro Stewards. In 2003, the Rotary Club of San Francisco took the lead in support of Mount Sutro Open Space, helping to activate its 60-acre forest for public use. With a $100,000 grant, the Rotary Club also funded the creation of Rotary Meadow on the summit of Mount Sutro. This began a movement for better access to the meadow through a network of trails to surrounding neighborhoods. The initiative was a big impetus for the formation of Sutro Stewards, and a partnership with Rotary which continues today.

The Rotary Club of San Francisco is an organization of local business, professional, and civic leaders who do great things here and around the world. Their work is focused on creating opportunities to give and grow through strong relationships. They do this by providing humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations, and helping to build goodwill and peace in the world, while having fun together (

We are very grateful to announce that this fall the Rotary Club of San Francisco awarded a generous grant to Sutro Stewards--continuing their investment in Rotary Meadow and the Mount Sutro Open Space. The restored meadow is a critical grassland habitat on Mount Sutro and is an important habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. The meadow is an example of our local native perennial grasslands and has many native plant species including coast buckwheat, California poppies, and purple needle grass. Last year a new interpretive sign was installed in the Meadow showcasing plant and animal relationships and the importance of native plants as habitat--creating further opportunities for public education. Sutro Stewards is thrilled to partner with the Rotary Club of San Francisco on this project, and we welcome members from this Club throughout the year to help weed, plant, and work together to create a more diverse habitat for wildlife on Mount Sutro.

Environmental stewardship is an important component to fulfilling the mission of the SF Rotary Club, building community relations and doing ethical work is a value the Sutro Stewards and SF Rotary Club share in common.

To learn more about the The Rotary Club of San Francisco, visit:

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Newly mulched path

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