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Nature in your Neighborhood with Sutro Stewards

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

During the shelter-in-place, Sutro Stewards with partnership from Handson Bay Area created Nature in you Neighborhood a virtual volunteering experience where we challenge volunteers to go out into their backyard and neighborhoods to see what plants they can find near them! Below is one submission from our project with the youth from Handson Tomorrow. We hope you enjoy their discoveries!

By: Elise Teofan

Convolvulus althaeoides

I found this flower in my neighborhood. This plant is native to the Mediterranean, but is also seen in similar climates. They grow best in the sun with some shade. They can be invasive, and they only grow in the summer. While they blossom in the mid summer. Also the best habitats they grow well in are woodlands, shrublands, steppes, and extreme deserts. 

Fortnight Lily

Fortnight lilies also goes by Dietes. They grow best in full sun or half shade. They grow in the Spring, Summer, and Fall Winter. This plant is native to eastern and southern Africa. They blossom during spring and early summer. And they can grow in temperatures that are down to 15 degrees. 


This plant is native to the Mediterranean. They grow best in full sun, while using little water. They bloom during winter and spring, and usually repeats in the fall. This plant is edible; can be added to foods to add flavor. Also they can grow to 4-6 ft high. 

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