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Welcome Lily Cotner, our Spring 2021 Intern!

Join us in giving a big warm welcome to Lily Cotner! She will be joining us in removing invasive species, species monitoring and learning more about native plants . Get to know a little more about Lily below and say hi next time you're on the mountain!

Hi friends! My name is Lily Cotner, and I am extremely excited about becoming a Conservation and Habitat Restoration Intern at Sutro Stewards. Mount Sutro is an absolute gem within San Francisco, and it is such a privilege to be able to be immersed in the beautiful environment on a weekly basis. My main interest is seeing the work and planning that goes into habitat conservation. I also love plant identification, so this will be a great experience to improve my native species identification skills. I can’t wait to work with all the volunteers to help Mount Sutro flourish with native species!

I am originally from the beach cities of Los Angeles, so coming up to San Francisco has been a big but great change! I have been living near Lake Merced for about 3 years now and I have fallen in love with the Bay Area.

To expand on my introduction, I am

currently a junior at San Francisco State University. I am studying Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainability and Social Justice as well as a minor in Geography. I have always had a love for learning and hands on work, so Sutro Stewards is a perfect match for me! My love for the environment and the urge to protect the Earth at all costs was inspired by learning about the strain that humans place on the Earth as well as exposure to beautiful environments being destroyed by deforestation and plastic waste. Ever since that passion was sparked, my future has been centered around making as much of an impact on reducing climate change and waste as I can! On an individual level I try to implement sustainable lifestyle choices wherever I can. My other passions include hiking, snorkeling, traveling, DIYs, and cooking. I also love all types of creative projects such as painting, drawing, or collaging.

I hope to meet and work with a diverse group of people up on Mount Sutro. I am also very excited that I get to intern during the spring season because I get to observe wildflower season and all the new growth! Hope to see you all on the mountain very soon!

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