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Sutro Stewards Response to UCSF Mount Sutro Draft Environmental Impact Report

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

August 2017

Take action for the long term health and sustainability of Mount Sutro! We have a big opportunity for improved user experience, native habitat, and biodiversity - but we need your voice! Please join us and make comment in support of Alternative 4 and increased native biodiversity.

Send written comment to by September 22 at 5pm.

Sutro Stewards recognize the need for a long-term management plan for the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve to proactively manage the Reserve for long-term health, sustainability, and access, for the benefit of people and wildlife. Sutro Stewards advocate for a management plan that promotes ecological health and resilience, increases native biodiversity, and expands quality wildlife habitat. We also advocate for a plan that engages the local community and utilizes the active volunteer support our programs have fostered over the last ten years. (Sutro Stewards initial principles for inclusion in the management plan can be found here.)

In response to the UCSF Mount Sutro Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), Sutro Stewards advocates for Alternative 4: Modified Forest Treatments and Increased Native Tree Planting, detailed in the DEIR, found to be “Environmentally Superior” while meeting all of project objectives.