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Taste Hike Inspired Beers

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Taste placed-based craft beers from local brewers inspired by Bay Area landscapes at the third annual San Francisco Bay Area Beers Made by Walking Tapping Event!

The hike-inspired beers were created as part of a collaboration between local brewers, Beers Made By Walking, and Sutro Stewards. Sutro Stewards led the public and 18 brewers on hikes throughout Mount Sutro in the geographic center of San Francisco this summer. Brewers were then tasked with making a beer inspired by things they saw and experienced on the hike such as local plants, sights, and scents.

>> Get your tickets today! <<

Ticket includes 10 4oz tasters, entry, and a commemorative tasting glass. Each brewery is donating their unique beer for this event. Plus, drink for a good cause: event proceeds will support the Sutro Stewards' education and stewardship programs. Cheers!

Tap List:

Black Hammer Brewing – Respect Your Elder

We brewed a small, 6 bbl batch of Respect Your Elders with 10 pounds of dried elderflowers so there would be no mistaking the distinctive yet subtle fresh, invigorating sensations of a flowering path along Mount Sutro. With 3.8% Abv and 8 IBU, you can drink this light sour wheat all day, on a hillside, while counting clouds.

Cody Badger – “Badger Brewing” – Wee Red

Irish red ale with Redwood spring tips and wax myrtle dry leaf additions and tinctures.

Ferment Drink Repeat – Flowers, Wit Love

Our award-winning Belgian Witbier with added spice and a bit of heat from locally-foraged Nasturtium flowers.

Gail Williams – Cedars Walking Hops and botanicals play together. Simcoe hops contribute a taste that is often described as piney, which supports the finishing notes from actual incense cedar buds. This ale is loosely in the IPA family but has a mixture of grains the brewer had on hand, such as wheat malt, much as a farmhouse beer might have had centuries ago in Europe.

Southpaw BBQ – Blue Mountain Plum An English style Barleywine refermented with Brettanomyces Yeast and local plums.

Triple Voodoo Brewery – Special Wiz Wit Belgian Wit with locally foraged Artemisia californica (sagebrush). Herbal and delicious!


Barrel Head BrewHouse, Comrades Brewing, Fort Point Beer Co, Laughing Monk Brewing, Magnolia Brewing, Redwood Coast Cider, Sirwisa Brewing Collective, Social Kitchen & Brewery, Standard Deviant Brewing, ThirstyBear Brewing, and Woods Beer Co. Visit the Facebook event page for the most up to date tap list announcements!

More about the hosts:

Beers Made By Walking Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites people to step outside and see the place they live in a new light. Beers Made by Walking invites brewers to take nature walks and make beer inspired by the plants identified on the trail. Since 2011, they have worked with over 100 throughout the country to create over 150 place-based beers. Hiking and tasting events act as educational and fundraising programs for environmental organizations in the regions they serve.

Sutro Stewards Sutro Stewards works with the community on trail, habitat, and nursery projects to continuously connect people to their local environment and empower recreational users to conserve and enhance the spaces they utilize. Sutro Stewards is a project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA), a 501(c)3 California nonprofit public benefit corporation.

Laughing Monk Brewing Laughing Monk Brewing is a small batch craft brewery in San Francisco that blends traditions from California and Belgium with a mix of local, seasonal ingredients. They offer an ever-expanding array of unique beers, including those for immediate enjoyment and those that can be aged to perfection. So raise a glass with us in the spirit of laughter, libation and adventure. Laugh on!

>> Get your tickets today! <<

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