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Intern Profile: Allison Gomez

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We like to welcome one of our Spring Nursery and Conservation Interns, Allison!

Hello, my name is Allison Gomez and I am a Spring intern at Sutro Stewards. I’m currently attending San Francisco State University where I am majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Latino/a Studies. I grew up in Los Angeles close to the beach and have always had a great appreciation for animals and nature. In my free time I enjoy getting out and going on hikes with friends and family.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for over two years now and have enjoyed the cool climate and creating new memories with friends. While living here I discovered my passion for environmental and social justice and habitat conservation. Thanks to some of my professors at San Francisco State I have been able to work with some amazing organizations that have brought me closer to helping people in communities of color. It is my hope that after I graduate I can continue my work advocating for people in underserved communities.

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