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Hybrid Tea Roses & Photinia

Through our virtual programming series, Nature in your Neighborhood, we challenged volunteers to go out into their neighborhoods or backyards to see what plants sparked their interest. Whether plants are native or non native, we can all appreciate a connection to nature and the curiosity that it can spark!

By: Jessie Liang

Hybrid Tea Rose

This Rose's also known as garden Roses. People usually plant these roses for decorations. The first hybrid tea rose was born in France and raised by Jean-Baptiste Andre Guillot. This kind of rose didn't become popular until it's 20th century. This kind of rose can grow from 8 to 12.5 cm wide and the height can grow from 0.75 meters to 2 meters. Some big flowers can grow to 60 petals. The way to take care of this rose is to provide acid soil (pH 6.0 to 6.5), dry weather,and a huge amount of water.


This plant is native to Asia and they are a part of the rose family. They can grow from 4 meters to 15 meters tall. Their leaves can grow from 3 cm to 15 cm in length and 1.5cm to 5 cm wide. They are mostly in green color but deciduous. The flower will always produce during summer. The color of the flower will usually be white color. The flower will grow from 5mm to 10 mm in diameter and has 5 petals. People will also call Photinia a Christmas berry. The best way to plant Photina is to plant in the motorized soil and at a place where contains a little bit of sunlight. This can support their photosynthesis and at the same time, they will not die because they dry out from the sun.

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