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Meet our Sutro Stewards Members!

Interested in becoming a Sutro Stewards member? Get to know our long time members below and learn about all the amazing reasons why they love Mount Sutro and the great work we do to conserve the open space!

When did you first visit Mount Sutro?

Paul and Edith: About forty years ago.

Maryann: Four decades ago when I lived on Parnassus Avenue, studying to become a nurse at SFSU, I walked in the neighborhood and found the Mount Sutro open space.

Steve: Sometime in the early 80's.

What was most memorable about this visit?

Paul and Edith: The fact that there was such a large open space in the middle of the City and so near our home.

Maryann: I loved the foggy air and was puzzled by the profusion of eucalyptus trees on Mount Sutro. However, as an amateur birdwatcher, I loved the profusion of Anna's Hummingbirds that flew through the trees. I longed for a footpath to explore the vegetation, however, such exploration seemed unwise and unsafe, as no safe footpaths existed at that time.

Steve: In my capacity as UCSF Outdoors programs director, I was charged with developing a potential site for a future children's playground. Happily, the playground idea was abandoned. The massive amounts of poison oak and blackberry occupying the site is what impressed me most!

What inspired you to become a member of Sutro Stewards?

Paul and Edith: We have been volunteers for about seven years. As we explored the trails that had been built by Craig and his crew, we discovered what a treasure this mountain is, and wanted to help maintain and enhance the space for everyone to enjoy.

Maryann: On Mount Sutro I met like-minded folks, cyclists and nature lovers. I was invited to participate as a Steward and was happy to join.

Steve: Living and working (at UCSF) so close to the mountain, I relished the opportunity to support the healthy management and enhancement of my local portal to nature, and one of San Francisco's great open spaces.

What is most important to you about the work that we do?

Paul and Edith: Working as volunteers, we appreciate learning about botany, conservation and biodiversity. We feel useful to the community by the work we do. We also enjoy talking to the visitors on the trails about our love of the mountain.

Maryann: Conserving habitat for the benefit of resident and migrating bird life is a part of the important work that I am able to do as a Sutro Steward. Additionally, I have been able to do the work of building community, the work of fostering human health and human connections even as I propagate locally native plants. I am happy to be a part of the active Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working group, as I put my hand to work for social justice and human health. The Sutro Stewards has become my local pod of people who have helped me weather this COVID-19 storm, for which I am grateful.

Steve: Creating and sustaining public access, and expanding biodiversity on the mountain and in the City.

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