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Welcome New Advisory Board Members!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We are excited to welcome our two newest advisory board members: Adrienne Sullivan Smith and Kevin Ku! They're professional experience and passion for the outdoors make them a perfect fit for Sutro Stewards. We are so excited to have them be apart of the team and work with us to protect, enhance and improve our favorite place: Mount Sutro! Read a little about our newest members below. And you can find more information on our advisory board here.

Adrienne Sullivan Smith

Adrienne is a native Californian, raised in San Diego. She is an education leader with humble beginnings, being teacher of kindergarteners. As one who loves reading and writing, Adrienne considers herself a logophile. One of the ways Adrienne finds peace and centering is hiking on trails with the tallest, strongest, most beautiful redwoods, where she is forced to look up.

Kevin Ku

I was born in the Desert Southwest and grew up surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountains and Red Rock Canyons but never had opportunities to go and explore those daunting yet majestic places. As an advisory board member, I hope to help ensure Mount Sutro is actively accessible to everyone from all walks of life.

I've dedicated my career working to promote clean energy and am currently in Wells Fargo's Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance group where I manage the bank's investments in wind and solar projects. In my free time, I enjoy riding my bike and exploring the countless landscapes the Bay Area offers.

Sutro Stewards protects and enhances one of the most beautiful public spaces in San Francisco. I'm excited to join its passionate and knowledgeable board and to bring my finance and organizational experience as well as the perspectives of a weekly visitor of the space!

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