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Sutro Stewards Principles for Inclusion in the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve Management Plan

Sutro Stewards support the creation of a management plan for the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. Mount Sutro needs to be managed proactively for long-term health, sustainability, and access, for the benefit of people and wildlife. Sutro Stewards advocate for a management plan that promotes ecological health and resilience, increases native biodiversity, and expands quality wildlife habitat. We also advocate for a plan that engages the local community and utilizes the active volunteer support our programs have fostered over the last ten years.

  1. Sutro Stewards supports the development of a long-term management plan for Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.

  • The Reserve needs to be managed for long-term health, sustainability, safety, and access for the benefit of people and wildlife. Current conditions represent an accelerated decline in overall health of the area, the blue gum eucalyptus monoculture in particular, which without intervention will grow increasingly problematic. The goals of a long-term management plan should be to promote the development of a healthy, sustainable open space.

  1. Sutro Stewards advocates for proactive management of the open space to rapidly reduce current hazards and achieve overall improved public health and safety.

  • Declining health of the Reserve poses a threat to public safety. Recent surveys and analysis of existing conditions within the Reserve found that there are up to 40% standing dead trees per acre and 23-78% of the trees per acre with less than 20% live crown. These dead and dying trees present a serious risk to open space users, neighbors, and resi