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Intern Profile: Satoko Takeda

Hi everyone, I am Satoko, a nursery intern at Sutro Stewards. I am currently studying biology at Berkeley City College to earn an AS degree. After I earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Japanese university, I worked at an advertising company for a long time. Yes, it is a weird career! There is no relation between chemistry and advertising, but it was a great experience working at there. Now, I turned back to be a student, and to start work in beautiful nature, which makes me excited. I also changed my language, so I’m still working on studying English, too. English is very tricky for me, so it is actually more difficult than studying biology.

My career plan begins with learning about plants, ecological systems, and conservation of nature. I see my future job involved with conservation of nature or environmental preservation. Nature shows us really strong vitality. For example, blackberry spreads out aggressively. Because of its spiky thorns, blackberry can protect itself and hang on other plants to thrive. Thinking of these things while weeding, I feel like I am tiny person in vast nature. I can't help feeling plant's vitality and their overwhelming power.

It is a really good opportunity for me to get hands-on experience that might help my career as the first step. Everyone who volunteers on Mount Sutro is so energetic, chill, and peaceful with a smile :). I am really glad to be working with you as well, and I work to preserve nature for us.

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